The Alexander Technique is a practical method for attaining better posture, improving coordination and enhancing personal well-being.


The Alexander Technique is particularly effective in managing  back pain. Back trouble is one of the most common, debilitating and intractable health issues. A comprehensive clinical trial published by British Medicine Journal in 2008 showed that the Alexander Technique outperformed many other treatments for chronic back pain. For more details go to our Back Trouble page.


People of all ages and abilities study the Alexander Technique to relieve pain, reduce stress, improve posture and enhance performance:

  • performing artists (singers, dancers, actors, musicians)
  • people with chronic or recurrent back pain
  • people with neck and shoulder pain
  • computer users with hand, wrist and arm
  • people interested in improving posture
  • public speakers
  • people wanting greater flexibility in both body and mind
  • amateur and professional athletes (walking, running, cycling, gym work etc.)
  • everyday tasks: housework, parents carrying young children, lifting groceries etc.

Individual consultations, as well as introductory and group classes are offered at Alexander Technique Bendigo.


Paul and Jane provide free initial phone consultations to explore whether the Alexander Technique is suitable for you. Call Paul or Jane, or send an email providing your contact details and advising of a suitable time to call you back.

Individual consultations, as well as introductory and group classes are available at Alexander Technique Bendigo.

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