Quick tips for using your phone

FM and his iphone

FM Alexander with his iPhone

  • Stop and think before you start to use your phone
  • Notice where your support is- your feet on the floor, or your sitting bones on the chair.
  • Take a moment to ask for your neck to release so that your head can delicately balance on top of your spine.
  • Use your arm to bring your phone to an easy viewing distance from your eyes.
  • If you need to look down, allow your head to tilt forward at the top of your spine (hint, this is further up than you might think, in between your ears).
  • Don’t stay in any one position too long- give yourself a break, move around.

What to avoid:

Craning your neck forward- the weight of your head will put a lot of strain on your neck muscles.

Squinting and straining to see the screen- make the text bigger, or bring it closer to your eyes.

Tightening your shoulders to use your arm- think about your shoulders releasing into width.

For more information on using the Alexander Technique to help with posture or doing everyday tasks with less strain, book an individual lesson with Jane – 0423 693 695.