The individual consultation

The best way to learn from the Alexander Technique is to have individual consultations.

Jane is an expert in posture and movement. She can help you to understand your habits and guide you in using your body as it was designed. As a result you will experience less pain and better performance in your everyday life.

In the first lesson, your teacher ask you about your concerns and objectives. They will make notes, which will be kept private.

Your teacher will work with you by talking with you and using their hands to gently guide you in movement, doing simple things like sitting in a chair and standing. They may also work with you doing specific individual activities that you want to look at.

At some point during the lesson you will be given the opportunity to rest on a table, while your teacher talks to you and uses their hands to encourage release and expansion.

You do not need to wear any special clothing for an Alexander lesson or to bring any special equipment.

The first lesson lasts one hour, and subsequent lessons normally take about 40 minutes.

How many lessons?

Many people see helpful changes from one or two lessons. Most people take a series of individual lessons to familiarise themselves with the principles and practice of Alexander Technique as it relates to their individual needs.

How many lessons you have depends on what you want from the Alexander Technique, and how things progress for you once you start lessons. A course of up to 20 lessons is a good amount in order to effectively and confidently apply the Technique in daily life.

How often should lessons be?

Typically, people who have lessons closer together in time experience more rapid change. As a general guide we recommend that you start by having lessons on a weekly basis. If you are able to have lessons more frequently to begin with then this is even better. As you become more skilled at applying the Technique, then you may choose to space your lessons out.

Wear comfortable clothes to your Alexander Technique lessons, avoiding skirts and sleeveless tops. The only thing that you will be required to remove is your shoes.

Alexander Technique does not conflict with any other therapy, treatment or activity.

Lesson prices

Casual – $70

5 lessons – $320

10 lessons – $625


Casual – $65

5 lessons – $300

10 lessons – $580

If you are curious about the Alexander Technique but not sure yet whether you want to have lessons, then you may like to attend one of our monthly practical Introductions to the Alexander Technique. This will allow you to find out the basics, have an experience of applying the Alexander Technique to yourself, and have your initial questions about the Technique answered.

Contact Jane by phone and email to find out more or book a lesson.