For many people practising yoga is a wonderful way to increase strength and work on flexibility. It can be a good way to be physically active, help with managing energy levels and be calming.

Some people find traditional yoga forms challenging and difficult to do. They might feel uncertain about attending a yoga class because of a concern about not being able to do the forms like the other people in the class. Some try yoga but don’t continue because they develop pain and injury. Others can find that they get some benefits from yoga practice but feel they want to extend their practice and are not sure how to go about it.

Approaching yoga forms with Alexander Technique principles as a guide can make yoga accessible for bodies with different levels of flexibility and strength. By modifying postures to suit the needs of each individual student, including those with pain and injury, yoga classes can be welcoming spaces for everyone.

Jane Azul is a qualified Alexander Technique Teacher and Yoga Teacher. She has had many years experience teaching Alexander Technique Yoga to a wide range of students, including people with pre-existing injuries and conditions.  Additionally, Jane has undertaken 20hrs of training in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga with the Trauma Centre Yoga program from the Centre for Trauma and Embodiment at JRI.

Jane offers Alexander Yoga classes in Bendigo. They are small group sessions, with a focus on applying Alexander Technique principles to yoga forms. You will be guided to move into yoga forms with more ease, and learn how to modify postures to suit your individual needs.

Sessions are suitable for people with all levels of experience with yoga, including newcomers. You can attend as many sessions as you want throughout the year. You will be able to take what you learn from these sessions back to your regular yoga class or home practice, where applicable.

Jane’s yoga classes take place at Crusoeden Body, 76 Church Street, Kangaroo Flat.

Sessions take place on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.

2021 Yoga dates:

Fridays 6pm                                       

1 hour, $20      

5 February

5 March

26 March

23 April

21 May

18 June

16 July

13 August

10 Sept

8 October

5 November

3 December

10 December

Saturdays 10.30am

1.5 hours, $30

20 February

20 March

8 May

5 June

31 July

28 August

23 October

20 November

Places are strictly limited and bookings are essential. Ring Jane – 0423 693 695.

Please read our Covid-19 Policy before attending a class.

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Photo: Jay Castor – Unsplash